Hello London

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Shortlisted in the Sony World Photography Awards, "Hello London...looking f**king beautiful" went viral across social media and was published in the international press. Featuring in the Economist, Huffington Post, Telegraph plus many more. 

On my flight back to London from Oslo, I was sat next to the wing and could see the sun begin to set over the River Thames. As I placed my broken Iphone up against the small glass window, the plane began tipping on its side gifting me this magnificent view. I honestly cannot explain the feeling I had. I looked around expecting everyone to be equally amazed but no one seemed to notice. Was such a special moment.

It makes the perfect gift for any Londoner. Many that have purchased can see their home/street/boat/favourite landmark. 

A set of limited edition prints were produced in 2 different sizes. 

Most have now sold but a few still remain. 

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